Beef Or Pork (Served with rice)

9. Beef With Chinese Vegetables   什

        Sliced beef, sauteed with chinese vegetables in a brown sauce.

10. Pepper Steak   青椒牛

        Sliced beef with bell pepper and onion in a thick brown sauce.

11. Beef With Broccoli

        Fresh broccoli and sliced beef in a brown sauce.

12. Snow Peas With Beef   雪豆牛

        Sliced tender beef with snow pea pods in a mild sauce.

13. Mongolian Beef   蒙古牛

        Sliced beef marinated with green onions & ginger in garlic sauce.

14. Hunan Beef   湖南牛

        Sliced beef toss-cooked with water chestnuts, mushrooms &

        other vegetables in a delicious spicy sauce.

15. Kung Bo Beef   保牛

        Sliced beef marinated with a light touch of wine, with selected

        vegetables topped with crunchy penuts.

16. Moo Shu Pork Or Chicken   木肉,

        Cooked with cabbage & scallions served with chinese pancakes.

17. Shredded Pork Szechuan Style   香肉

        Shredded pork & vegetables in a spicy sweet brown sauce.

18. Roast Pork With Chinese Vegetables   什

Indicates Hot & Spicy