Chef’s Specialties

Tripple Delight   炒三

Combonation of shrimp, beef and chicken with quality Chinese,

vegetables in a light brown sauce. Serves with sizzling rice.

Orange Flavored Beef or Chicken   皮牛

Marinated beef delicate sauteed & seasoned with orange peels.

Happy Family   全家福 

Shrimp, chicken, beef with mix vegetables in garlic sauce.

House Worba   本樓鍋

Shrimp, roast pork, and chicken with mixed Chinese

vegetables. Served with sizzling rice.

Honey Sesame Chicken   蜜汁

Tender chicken dipped in batter, then crispy fried and

tossed-cooked with a delicious honey garlic sauce.

Seafood Lover   鴛鴦雙

Jumbo shrimp sauteed with our Chef’s light wine sauce,

and red Szechuan sauce.

Chicken California   加州

Grilled skinless chicken breast marinated with house sauce, lemon juice

and sesame oil. Served with a side dish of oriental stir-fry vegetables.

Shang Hai Shrimp   上海

Big shrimp delicately seasoned to perfection in garlic sauce

with sauteed vegetables.

Pineapple Chicken   箥籮雞

Chicken sauteed with fresh pineapple in garlic sauce

with sauteed vegetables.

General Chicken   左宗

Indicates Hot & Spicy