Poultry (Served with rice)

1. Moo Goo Gai Pan   蘑菇

        Choice vegetables & sliced chicken in a thick white sauce.

2. Garlic Fritter Chicken   大蒜雞

        Specially seasoned with garlic, then fried crispy.

3. Kung Bo Chicken   

        Chicken sauteed with roasted penuts in a spicy brown sauce.

4. Cashew Chicken   腰果

        Diced chicken sauteed with cashew nuts, stir fried with

        waterchest nut and bell pepper in brown sauce.

5. Lemon Chicken   

        Deep-fried chicken meat in a special lemon sauce.

6. Hunan Chicken   湖南

        Chicken, toss-cooked with vegetables in our chief’s hot sauce.

7. Almond Chicken   杏仁

        White chicken meat with roasted almond & mix vegetable

        in white sauce.

8. Broccoli Chicken   芥蘭雞

        Chicken breast, toss-cooked with Broccoli in our chief’s exotic sauce.

Indicates Hot & Spicy