Seafood (Served with rice)

19. Shrimp With Chinese Vegetables   什錦蝦

        Jumpo shrimp, snow peas, baby corn & mushrooms in a

        crystal clear sauce.

20. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce   蝦龍

        Jumbo shrimp and minced pork in a thick egg white sauce.

21. Kung Bo Shrimp   宫保

        Choice shrimp sauteed with vegetables and roasted peanuts

        in a spicy brown sauce.

22. Salt & Pepper Shrimp   椒鹽蝦

        Shrimp with shell sauteed with green onion and szechuan pepper.

23. Old Fashioned Ming Shrimp   干

        Jumbo shrimp sauteed in a tasty red szechuan sauce.

24. Lake Tung Ting Shrimp   洞庭

        Fresh shrimp, toss-cooked with baby corn, broccoli,

        mushrooms & water chestnuts in a delicious white sauce.

25. Cashew Shrimp   腰果

        Big shrimp delicately seasoned to perfection in a light garlic sauce.

26. Szechuan Shrimp   

        Shrimp toss-cooked with oriental vegetables, and exotic dish for

        hot food lovers.

27. Tempura Fish   日式炸

        Deep fried with Japanese bread crumb, then toss-cooked

        with yellow onion and salt.

Indicates Hot & Spicy